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Regulatory Governance Reform – LSO missing golden opportunity

Though it is not surprising that governance is on the agenda of regulators, the coincidence of three of Ontario’s largest regulators looking at the issue at the same time is unusual. Within a couple of weeks the topic is on the agenda of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (see p 95 at ), the Ontario College of Teachers ( ) and the Law Society of Ontario ( p. 114 at ) Each of the Reports and the

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Canadian Law Societies should pay attention to Stephen Mayson’s work

Will it be déjà vu all over again? In the early 2000s, there was a high degree of angst among Canadian law societies as concerns about the ‘loss of self-regulation’ were ever present. Largely as a result of the work of Sir David Clementi in England and the proposed stripping of regulation from the Law Society and Bar Council, Canadian legal regulators were worried a similar result might happen in Canada. The Legal Services Act 2007 was passed; the Solicitors

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When public interest work isn’t very public

What are the issues occupying Law Societies’ Boards of Directors these days? I thought finding them would be a relatively straight forward search, assuming all would make their meeting materials, or at least a summary of their deliberations, publicly available. In that way any interested lawyer or other observer could see what the legal regulators are up to. For bodies that work in the public interest, that would be the obvious way to keep the public and the profession abreast

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