For Darrel Pink, results and outcomes matter. As Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, in the 2010s and beyond he was the leader who conceived of and managed the evolution of the  Society into a highly effective, progressive, and visionary regulatory body. Through applying a developed ethical framework and a strategic approach to tasks, both big picture  and detailed  matters were addressed  ensuring results under planned objectives.

Over a 28 year career in legal regulation, Darrel contributed significantly to issues of enhancing professional regulation across Canada and internationally.

Organizational Transformation

In Tanzania, he led a process of organizational redesign for the law society, based on a situational analysis, stakeholder engagement, member consultation and government partnerships. Implementation by owners followed.

The transforming legal regulation initiative in Nova Scotia resulted in the NSBS becoming a regulator that is risk focused, proactive, principled and proportionate [NSBS]

Articulating and Implementing Strategy

In Nova Scotia, he led development and implementation of strategic frameworks that created specific goals, actionable initiatives and implementation timelines. That resulted in the design and implementation of business and activity plans to advance strategy as a core operational requirement. This included management of an  annual calendar and regular reporting mechanisms.

He has worked with the Law Society of Alberta using broad based environmental scans and situational analysis to assist their board in better understanding and responding to the changing environment affecting their work as a legal regulator.

Within the community , from a leadership position at the United Way of Halifax he played a key role in transforming a major and well entrenched community based charity into a progressive organization that redefined its relationships with both donors and recipients and grew its campaign significantly.

As Chair of Volunteer Canada he assisted in downsizing a large national not for profit after loss of federal government funding resulting in a more focused and ultimately more sustainable and focused organization


Working with law societies in East Africa, Darrel has trained boards on governance with emphasis on clearly defining roles for board, executive and staff leadership. He has developed wide ranging board governance policies that incorporate how a board wishes to behave into the DNA of the organization

Working with the Law Society of Manitoba, he facilitated board policy development and decision making to allow for a reconfiguration of the board, its makeup and its selection processes. As Chair of the Board of the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII), he lead the process to transition the organization from one with a representative board to one  that was skills based including development of a skills matrix and method for selection

Justice, Human Rights & Equity Advocacy

Within the NSBS, he lead development of a permanent equity office that developed expertise and a continuing presence for issues of discrimination, diversity and equity in the legal profession. Though an initiative called  #TalkJustice, he developed and supervised  a processes to engage the public in discussion about how they are affected by the justice system with a goal to create data that will assist decision makers. Under his leadership, the NSBS designed and organized Uncommon Law,  a multi-stakeholder program that brings participants together from all levels  of the justice system; taking participants out of their comfort zones; engaging in dialogue to facilitate and enable constructive and impactful change. He enabled United Way of Halifax to create Living on the Edge, a poverty simulation, that is valuable for justice sector participants to enable them to better understand the circumstances that cause everyday legal problems.